Sell products at the frontier of digital distribution. The BGA market is full of complex manual policies that can be pushed down to their agents and financial institutions. Unlike home or auto, which have streamlined digital processes, life insurance is still reliant on medical tests and manual underwriting. Leverage Nimbus’ fully digital click to buy processes in your agents and financial institutions and free yourself from the infrastructure requirements considered inherent to the life Insurance ecosystem.

Here are 4 reasons to leverage the Nimbus platform:

1. Direct to Consumers/Retailers: Products sold through digital channels are not large enough with too much administration to interest a seasoned agent. Monetize your distribution network and push life products directly to your leads, either through your web channels or the websites of your network.

2. FI’s for Life Sales: Financial Institutions in your network don’t have the infrastructure to sell life insurance, but banks are the first place people look for a policy. Make sure your banks are able to optimize that business while knowing that the offered rates cover their fiduciary responsibility.

3. P&C Organizations: Let your agents focus on the products they love to sell while still receiving the commission from life solutions. Don’t have your agents attempting to navigate medical exams and rates when they could just push applicants to a white label customer portal.

4. Trusted Advisor: Enjoy a consistent customer experience while retaining your role as the trusted advisor. By providing digital products, reach your entire distribution network. Your agents can manage a new type of relationship while saving time needed for more complex cases.

  • User-friendly, for you and your client.
    Our completely digital process features a clean, user-friendly experience and minimizes error-prone manual inputs and paper filing.

  • The sky is the limit.
    We deliver an increase in per policy revenue while also providing a scalable solution for your expanding business.

  • We’ve got your back.
    Nimbus can help you navigate FDIC regulations as well as provide training and marketing support.