Digital Marketing Agencies

The future is digital marketing. Marketing agencies have the expertise and solutions to reach a variety of customers. Currently, their experience with insurance is to help optimize the business of carriers and IMOs. Through advanced analytics, large database analysis, dynamic creatives and understanding of how SEO and social media optimize their advertising and search, these organizations know how to get to the right customer better than anyone else.

With Nimbus, we offer a different kind of marketing relationship. Nimbus gives the majority of our revenue to our partners. Our Click-To-Buy products are instant issue and are perfect to be leveraged in a variety of buying strategies. While the agency handles the front-end, Nimbus makes sure they have all the necessary tools to create streamlined purchasing experiences. We tailor a campaign to fit the agencies potential risk and show the significant revenue of Click-To-Buy insurance. While new innovations in AI marketing and constant competition drive down campaign costs, the Nimbus product suite may be key to your organization’s future.

  • No Agent? No problem.
    Nimbus allows you to offer Life Insurance through an entirely Click-To-Buy customer journey.

  • The sky is the limit.
    We deliver an increase in per policy revenue while also providing a scalable solution for your expanding business.

  • We’ve got your back.
    Nimbus can help you navigate NCUA regulations as well as provide training and marketing support.