Life Insurance is Fundamental

Click-to-Buy Term Life is still the most popular insurance in market, we currently are working with the largest digital insurance vendor, largest IMO and #1 banking software company to integrate a full API Term Life solution into their customer journey.

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Demographics are Everything

Insurance are the #1 most expensive search terms in the USA. Understanding what type of customers will buy the varying types of life insurance is key to a successful initiative. With CloudBind pixel and widget support we share the relevant customer data to make selling insurance easy.

Waterfall Process

In digital term life only 45% of customers are eligible for a policy.

By creating a full API process, CloudBind can integrate a term life, simplified issue and guaranteed issue process into one waterfall application and catch 90% of applicants.

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Sometimes you just need to see how all of these things work together. We’d be happy to walk you through the CloudBind Solution, and how we can enable insurance sales.