Online Lenders

Many members rely on online lenders to help them when they need a significant amount of capital. With online lender’s being a trusted partner for so many families, it’s essential they offer safe, sound products that increase the relationship with their customers. We work with many lenders and tailor everything to fit their customer’s needs. If you already offer insurance, we can improve your process which in turn will allow your employees to focus on sales and not waste valuable time filling out paperwork and managing insurance relationships. 

Our software allows customers to purchase insurance in 5-10 minutes. Whether your lending organization would like to handle a portion of the process, or you’d like us to market and refer your members on your behalf, we can help you build a process that’s tailored to your needs. If your Online Lender isn’t offering insurance but would welcome the benefit to your customers as well as the increased non-interest revenue, the Nimbus platform may be key to your organization’s future.

  • No Agent? No problem.
    Nimbus allows you to offer Insurance through an entirely Click-To-Buy customer journey.

  • The sky is the limit.
    We deliver an increase in per policy revenue while also providing a scalable solution for your expanding business.

  • We’ve got your back.
    Nimbus can help you navigate NCUA regulations as well as provide training and marketing support.