Getting Started

Quote-To-Bind Insurance Out of the Box

Insurance is complex but selling it should be easy. Here’s how to start.

With the CloudBind Quote-To-Bind insurance solutions, your customers will be guided through a seamless purchasing process. No exams, no phone calls and no human interaction needed to complete a policy sale. For every vertical, CloudBind has a clear cost structure to help your organization sell easily.

Data is Key

Most importantly, CloudBind has the data and analytics that allow you to monitor your customers progress and learn how they are engaging with potential insurance offers throughout the buy-cycle.

One Seamless Process

Expand to multiple lines of insurance while your customers maintain a fully embedded journey.  Leverage your existing data to reduce the questions and inputs the customer needs to complete in order to make their experience as frictionless as possible.

Unified Administration

CloudBind has a centralized hub for your insurance initiatives. Keep track of compensation from ongoing policies as well as quotes and leads for separate insurance products.

CloudBind Covers Every Insurance Vertical with Quote-to-Bind Products

With CloudBind API-First approach you can create integrated buy cycles and unified administration for multiple lines of insurance.


Speak to the Team

Sometimes you just need to see how all of these things work together. We’d be happy to walk you through the CloudBind Solution, and how we can enable insurance sales.