The Myth of the Quote API

Many Carriers tout having an API or “full API” process but what they actually deliver is a “Quote API” where the customer needs to finish the purchase on their application.

Initial Interest on affiliate site

Carrier API takes data + gives Quote

Customer is transferred to complete insurance purchase on Carrier Site

The CloudBind Full API

The full process from customer interest to bind is controlled and experienced on the affiliate site seamlessly.

Initial Interest on affiliate site

API takes data back to Carrier but the experience is controlled by the affiliate

Data is transferred into Carrier back office but customer stays on affiliate site

The affiliate can create unified applications between their products and multiple insurance products, with the same information used across the user journey.

Instead of the carrier controlling your customer data, the affiliate controls the tracking/analytics around the product.

Waterfall or Integrated Application

By creating a full API process, CloudBind can integrate a term life, simplified issue and guaranteed issue process into one universal application and approve 90% of applicants.

We create similar integrated applications for pet insurance + pet benefits.

CloudBind Covers Every Insurance Vertical with Quote-to-Bind Products

With CloudBind API-First approach you can create integrated buy cycles and unified administration for multiple lines of insurance.

Speak to the Team

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